Meet Dr. Calvin Pike

Dr-PikeEach of us enjoys what we do for different reasons. Dr. Pike is often asked how he can do the same thing for over 30 years and sustain such a passion for it. When it comes to his love of Endodontics, Dr. Pike likes the intensity that comes from focusing on one particular tooth.

“It’s very demanding and technically difficult work,” Dr. Pike says. “You have to continually concentrate and be patient. You have to be focused not only on what you’re doing, but how the patient is feeling. It’s very rewarding to see immediate results. People come to the office in pain and, when they leave, root canal treatment can make them feel better quickly. It’s a privilege to make them happy and get them out of pain. This experience repeats itself and is fresh every day. And it’s not just me, it’s a team effort. I can’t do it without the seasoned help that I have in the office. I have great staff, committed to excellent patient care and education.”

Dr. Pike lives in Waterloo Region with his wife and their two children. He enjoys the outdoors and pursues golf when the weather is cooperative.

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