Financial Policy

financial-smallPatient Billing

The fees that are charged for services rendered in our office reflect the endodontic specialty fee guide. This guide represents our level of expertise and experience. Consideration is also given based on the extent of treatment.

Payment is due at the time service is rendered. For your convenience we accept cash, debit card, Visa or MasterCard. Because of the unique service that we provide and the specialized care given, we do not accept insurance in lieu of payment. If you bring your dental insurance information, we may be able to send your dental claim and any estimates electronically to ensure that you receive your response quickly.

iFinance Canada – Financing for dental treatment.

If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at 519-579-8381 or
Kitchener Office Phone Number 1-800-444-9174. Many times, a simple telephone call will clear any misunderstandings.